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Princess Hair: Ariel

Posted by Cartoon Girl on February 11, 2009

1. Make sure your hair is damp
2. Brush out your hair
3. Make a deep side part
4. Blow dry the top few inches of your hair (blow dry bangs upward if you want volume)
5. Part the back of your hair down the middle
6. Braid your hair
7. If you have long hair, leave out the last few inches
8. Finish braids and tie at same spot
9. Leave to dry or use a diffuser to speed dry the braids


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Princess Hair: Belle

Posted by Cartoon Girl on February 11, 2009

Create your own Princess Belle hairstyle.

1. Start by parting from top to ear and bringing back section out of the way
2. Comb out back section and secure a pony tail with half of the back section
3. Now twist front sections up and bring around pony tail and secure
4. Now start to roll up small sections and pin them down
5. You can fluff up the front a bit to look like Belle
6. Add a thin ribbon
7. Add a crown

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